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Federal Government Documents and Information: Home

This guide introduces patrons to government information sources available to members of the Morgan Community

Richardson Library Government Documents Department 1940-2020


R I C H A R D S O N   L I B R A R Y  C E L E B R A T I N G  8 0   Y E A R S  I N   T H E   F D L P 

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     Richardson Library and its antecedents have served as a Federal Depository Library for 80 years.  The Federal Depository Library program was instituted to facilitate research and greater public awareness about the government and its proceedings.  The total amount of information produced by the Federal Government is expansive and includes things like statistics and information collected on a wide range of subjects, scientific reports, descriptions of the culture and history of the Untied States, laws passed by Congress, regulations administered by government agencies, Supreme Court decisions, public papers of the Presidents and much more.

     Originally this information was transmitted through printed documents, but since the advent of the digital revolution, much more government information is now available electronically.

       Much of research in social and natural sciences utilizes information collected by the government.  Government information can serve the humanities as well, especially though the Library of Congress, National Art Museums and the Smithsonian Institute all of which have extensive digital collections concerning historical figures and  all areas of the Liberal Arts.

     Use this guide to help navigate your way through the resources available to you as a member fo the Morgan Community.

Recent Documents Added to the Collection.

The items below have recently been added to the Government Documents Collection: 

(Call number, title.)

  • Y1.1/5 : 116-220    Billion Dollar Boondoggle Act of 2019        
  • Y1.1/8 : 116-408    Recommendations to Encourage civility and Bipartisanship in Congress, ...        
  • Y1.1/8 : 116-407    Recommendations to Streamline House Human Resources, Overhaul the Onboarding...        
  • Y1.1/8 : 116-460/Pt. 1    Water Resources Development Act of 2020        
  • Y1.1/5 : 116-240    Reliable Emergency Alert Distribution Improvement Act of 2019        
  • Y1.1/8 : 116-452    Department of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, 2021        
  • Y1.1/8 :116-443    Report on the Suballocation of Budget Allocations for Fiscal Year 2021        
  • Ju 6.8 : 571    United States Reports        
  • D 213.8: 2020    The Astronomical Almanac for the year 2021...        
  • Y1.2/5 : 2018/v. 30    United States Code        
  • Y1.2/5 : 2018/v. 29    United States Code        
  • Y 4. G 74/9 : S. Hrg. 116-187    Nomination of Paul J Ray
  • Y1.1/8 :116-440    Indian Water Rights Settlement Extension Act
  • Y1.1/8 : 116-444    State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Apporpriations Bill 2021        
  • Y 4. G 74/9 : S. Hrg. 116-186    Examining the Root Causees of America's Unsustainable Fiscal Path
  • Y4. AG 4 : s.hrg. 113-835    Aging in Comfort : Aseessing the Special Needs of America's Holocaust Survivors
  • Y 1.1/8 : 116-445    MIlitary Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Afencies Appropriations Bill, 2021
  • Y 1.1/8 : 116-446    Agriculture, Rural Devcelopment, Food and Drug Administration, and related agencies Appropriations Bill, 20021
  • Y 1.1/8 : 116-447    Legislative branch Appropriations Bill, 2021
  • Y1.1/8 :116-448    Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, 2021
  • Y1.1/8 :116-449    Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, 2021

Updated 9 Dec. 2020.

Government Info Resource Spotlight

African American Perspectives: Materials Selected from the Rare Book Collection 

From the Library of Congress;

"African American Perspectives" gives a panoramic and eclectic review of African American history and culture and is primarily comprised of two collections in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division: the African American Pamphlet Collection and the Daniel A.P. Murray Collection with a date range of 1822 through 1909. Most were written by African-American authors, though some were written by others on topics of particular importance in African-American history. Among the authors represented are Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Benjamin W. Arnett, Alexander Crummel, Emanuel Love, Lydia Maria Child, Kelly Miller, Charles Sumner, Mary Church Terrell, and Booker T. Washington, among others.

The 800 + titles in the collection include sermons on racial pride and political activism; annual reports of charitable, educational, and political organizations; and college catalogs and graduation orations from the Hampton Institute, Morgan College, and Wilberforce University. Also included are biographies, slave narratives, speeches by members of Congress, legal documents, poetry, playbills, dramas, and librettos. Other materials focus on segregation, voting rights, violence against African Americans, the colonization of Africa by freed slaves, anti-slavery organizations and investigative reports. Several of the items are illustrated with portraits of the authors.

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