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Government Documents and Information: ERIC - Education Resources Information Center

This guide introduces patrons to government information sources available to members of the Morgan Community

Search ERIC

You can search ERIC through the University of Maryland's EBSCOHost interface. Use the search box below or link to ERIC in Research Port here (requires Morgan login and password).

Access to the ERIC database is also provided on its Web site, free to the public:

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ERIC Call Numbers

If your catalog search gives you an ERIC record on microfiche, the last six digits of the call number will tell you how to locate it within the microfiche cabinets. See the bolded section of the call number below:


Algebra For All Students? Daniel Chazan, Educational Resources Information Center

National Government Publication: Microfiche Morgan State University, US Government Information SU Docs

ED 1.310/2:377167

Though the entry says the item is in the Government Information SU Docs area, because this item begins with ED 1.310/2:, it will actually be located in the microfiche cabinets in the Periodicals Section on the 1st floor (see "MICROFORMS" area on the map image in box to the right). The call numbers for ERIC microfiche are located on the top left corner of each sheet.

What is ERIC?

ERIC is an online digital library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education. The ERIC collection contains journal articles, books, research and technical reports, policy papers and other education-related materials.

ERIC indexes education journals, most of which are peer-reviewed. Many of the journals are indexed comprehensively, meaning that ERIC provides a record for each article in each issue, though some are indexed selectively to include only education-related articles. Journal records typically include bibliographic data (author, title, date, journal citation, publisher) and an abstract of the work.

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