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MOERMI: Curation

A guide to the Morgan Open Education Resource Mentoring Initiative project for Geospatial Technologies, funded by the Maryland Open Source Textbook Initiative.

Curation and Dissemination

Primary Decision-Makers:  Bryan Fuller and Renise Johnson

To facilitate discovery of resources created in this project and promote their use in other institutions and venues, the librarians will create appropriate and responsive metadata for each resource and submit them to various repositories.  As part of the funding requirements, all resources must be submitted to the Maryland Open Source Textbook OER Commons at

We would like to add them to the Morgan Institutional Archive as well.

To make the resources available to as wide a user-base as possible we would like to submit them in addition to the MOST repository to other large repositories as well.  See below for more information.

Future use of works

The Geospatial Collaborative at Morgan State would like to use the resources generated by this project as the content basis for a complete and open GIS textbook in the future.

  • Collaborating with the Office of Academic Affairs to offer future faculty Innovation Grants intended to grow institutional capacity towards trans-disciplinary teaching, and research, in alignment with the goals of this project.
  • Continuing the work of the Geospatial Collaborative to build and advocate for institutional capacity centering on access to geospatial technology.
  • Expanding the range of library support resources and services, and making them directly responsive to this project.
  • Expanding partnership with the School of Education and Urban Studies to integrate assessment and evidence-based practices in the implementation of OERs

Other Repositories

This is a project of the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, and contains thousands of textbook, and other course material resources.

MERLOT, a collaboration of various California State Educational Agencies and Institutions

The institutional repository for scholarship created by the faculty, students, and staff of Morgan State University. As part of the Maryland Shared Open Access Repository (MD-SOAR), eScholarship@Morgan provides long-term storage and public access to academic materials from the Morgan community, meeting the data management and open access requirements for grants and other funding agencies. The repository also includes historical materials relating to Morgan and the Morgan community.



Comprehensive and accurate metadata for each resource will be created to maximize findability and facilitate informed decision-making by potential users about responsiveness of the resource. 

The following basic metadata schema for OERs will be used, with modification as required by different repositories: 

  • OVERVIEW:  A brief summary of the contents and intended audience including funding source.
  • SUBJECT:  Subject of the resources, based on the departmental affiliation of the faculty participant and/or  the course for which the resource was prepared.
  • LEVEL:  Academic level of resources, based on the course for which it was developed, such as
  • Undergraduate Freshman 
  •  Sophomore, 
  •  Junior
  •  Senior
  • Graduate Lower
  •  Upper
  • Or other designations as appropriate.
  • MATERIAL TYPE:  Components of the resource, such as:
    • Activity/Lab
    • Assessment
    • Case Study
    • Data Set
    • Full Course
    • Homework/Assignment
    • Interactive
    • Lecture Notes
    • Lesson
    • Lesson Plan
    • Module           
    • Reading
    • Simulation
    • Syllabus
    • Teaching/Learning Strategy
  • AUTHOR: Faculty participant and mentor(s)
  • DATE ADDED: q.e.d.
  • LICENSE: Type of Creative Commons license chosen by faculty participant.
  • LANGUAGE: The principal language of the resource and any other languages required to properly understand and use the resource.
  • MEDIA FORMAT: Format of the type, such as:
  • Audio
  • Downloadable docs
  • eBook
  • Graphics/Photos
  • Mobile
  • Text/HTML
  • Video
  • Other
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