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Spaces in the Library: Faculty & Graduate Student Study Rooms

Contact the Library's Administrative Office at 443-885-3488 or in Room 312 to inquire about applying for use of the Faculty & Graduate Study Rooms.

NOTE: Library staff should not be expected to deliver messages, accept materials, or page persons assigned to study rooms.

Use of Study Rooms

  • Smoking is not permitted in study rooms under any circumstances.  Privileges of those who violate this regulation will be revoked.
  • Study rooms should be kept neat and orderly.  FOOD AND BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED.
  • Occupants are urged, out of deference to colleagues, to avoid disturbances caused by loud conversations, music, or noise in the study room areas.  All activities should be well modulated.
  • Damage to furniture or equipment and any need for repairs or replacements should be reported immediately to Library Administration, 443-885-3488, Room 312.
  • Personal items should not be left unattended in study rooms.
  • Study room occupants are responsible for the observance of all regulations.  Library Administration reserves the right to revoke assignments where it is deemed justifiable.
  • No furniture is to be removed from or moved into study rooms.
  • Study rooms will be monitored and inspected routinely.

Use of Library Materials in Study Rooms

  • To provide equal access to materials available in the Library for all University library users, study room occupants must adhere to normal borrowing regulations and use restrictions.  For example:
    • Books: Applicable loan period.
    • Periodicals: In-house only. To be returned to appropriate location before leaving the building.
    • Reference material: To be used in the Reference Department only.
    • Special Collections material: To be used in the Beulah M. Davis Special Collections Department only.
  • Library materials must be checked out, as if for use outside the library, when held in study rooms for periods exceeding two (2) hours.
  • All materials checked out must be returned to the Circulation Desk to be checked in and to clear borrower records.
  • Any library materials found in study rooms that violate the use restrictions cited above will be removed and returned to the proper location.

Faculty & Graduate Study Room

Assignment of Faculty & Graduate Student Study Rooms

  • Morgan State University faculty, staff, and full-time graduate or doctoral students involved in active research are eligible to apply for use of library study rooms during the period of that research.
  • Study rooms are assigned for specific research projects that require active use of library resources restricted to in-house use, or which cannot be used conveniently away from the library, and for projects requiring facilities for uninterrupted study or writing.
  • Study rooms are assigned for research and scholarship only and not for office or conference space.
  • After completion of an application and verification of eligibility, a study room will be assigned for a period of one (1) year for students writing master’s thesis and faculty or staff working on a grant proposal; two (2) years for students writing a doctoral dissertation and faculty or staff writing a book or working on a substantial research project. 
  • Room assignments may be renewed contingent upon the number of requests for rooms and status (enrollment or employment) of the occupant. Current occupancy assures no priority over other applicants. A waiting list will be maintained and honored each year.
  • Continuous enrollment and employment are required to maintain occupancy. Verification will be completed every fall and spring semester. Students, faculty, or staff who do not maintain continuous enrollment or employment will have room assignment revoked.
  • It is the responsibility of the occupant to notify Library Administration when the study room assigned to her/him is no longer needed.
  • Faculty and staff requesting use of room must provide a copy or draft of project for verification of use.
  • Persons to whom study rooms are assigned may not sublet the rooms to others.
  • Study room keys and swipe cards must be picked up in the Physical Plant Department in Washington Service Center and returned there at the expiration of the assigned period. A charge will be assessed for each lost or unreturned key and/or swipe card
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