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Info Lit Tool Kit: Workshop Essentials

Workshop Essentials

  1. Include Learning Outcomes

  2. Make outline visible during class

  3. Use an engaging element (e.g. active learning, hands-on, peer task, participatory element)

  4. Provide rationale and relevancy

  5. Recap what has been covered

  6. Where can students go for help? Online tutorials, Help Desks, Guides, etc

Handout Essentials

  1. Include Learning Outcomes
  2. Include exercise/activity details
  3. Offer places they can refer to after workshop e.g. online tutorials, guides
  4. White space
  5. Keep simple

Workshop Request Workflow

If a lecturer contacts you for a workshop;


1. Negotiate timings and content of the class with the lecturer immediately (myself or Kate no longer contact the lecturer to discuss these details).


2. When a lecturer is requesting a class in one of the Library Teaching Labs (WA305, AL120, or MA204), please check the lab calendar to see if the required time is available.


3. Ensure the online 'Library Workshop Request Form' is filled out.

Note: You might find it easier to fill out the form on the lecturer's behalf - this is absolutely fine, and sometimes probably even better.


4. If you are available and the lab (if requested) looks to be available, let the lecturer know that this should be all ok, and that they will receive an email to finalise and confirm the booking.


Danielle will enter the bookings in the Lab calendars in Outlook, send the confirmations, enter in the access database, and send out those reminder emails a week before the class takes place.


Don't hesitate to contact Danielle or myself if you are unsure if a lab is available, need some extra Librarians to teach, or it's a bit of a complicated request.


Naming Your Documents

Name workshop documents in the J drive as per:

       Paper Number Paper Name  Document Type     File Extension
154011 Academic Literacies Handout .docx (etc)

This helps:

  • Clearly identify resources for a workshop/class 
  • Avoid confusion when papers have the same or similar names

Liaising With Faculty

  1. Align sessions with assignments

  2. What are 'hot topics' relevant to this paper

  3. What do the lecturers want the students to get out of the session?

  4. You could try refering to the Research Skills Development Framework (RSDF) to get a gauge of what research skills level the class should be aiming for

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