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Peace Tech Lab Workshop: Workshop Materials

Resources for the Peace Tech Lab QGIS demonstration

QGIS Software

Download most recent version of QGIS

Select the QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.10 (xy bit)

NOTE  There are two versions of QGIS available one for 32-bit operating systems and one for 64-bit systems. To find out what system your computer has please see the directions below.

QGIS (formerly called QuantumGIS) is the world's most popular open-source GIS platform.  Users of QGIS can benefit from an extensive user-community which provides many tutorials and tech assistance.  The software is interoperable with a broad range of proprietary and other open source GIS is is extensible with a wide range of user-generated add-ons.  


If you've used other GIS software like ESRI products then QGIS may seem very different at first, but it is generally very easy to acquire a serviceable skill-set.



Data for the Workshop

In this workshop we will be using two datasets (below):

1. First download the data from the links below.

2. Then create a folder on your desktop called QGIS Project

3. Un-compress the data and move into the project folder.  Note that the "shape" folder has a second file within it that is also compressed and this file must be un-compressed.4. 

5. Move the un-compressed files to the project folder on your desktop.


Using these datasets we will learn some of the basic operations in QGIS through making a population density map of Baltimore City.

Do I have a 32-bit or 64-bit system?

Type "Settings" into the windows search bar. Click on the System tab and then the About tab and look for the System Type line.


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