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Information Literacy Overview: Faculty

A broad overview of information literacy within the context of higher education institutions.


If you are a faculty member or instructor that is looking to include Information Literacy as part of your curriculum, we have a collection of resources here that can help you ingratiate the topic into your class effectively and with minimal disruption. 

Identifying the Need: It is important to consider what you are hoping your students get out of an instruction session on Information Literacy, so that it can be tailored to fulfill that need. For most introductory level classes, we are seeking to give a high-level overview to familiarize students with the critical concepts found in Information Literacy, that they may have not encountered before. 

For more advanced classes we may seek to tailor the instruction to the specific field that they will be conducting research, and how it fits within the broader information network of higher education. 

Why include InfoLit in your curriculum?

Information Literacy is an important topic for any student to master in order to be successful both academically as well as after graduation. The ability to locate, analyze, and evaluate information is of critical importance. By requesting an instruction session from our librarians, you can help your students be better prepared for the world that awaits them.

Introductory information literacy workshops can be introduced in the early stages of an undergraduate education in order to prepare students for the facets of research and analysis that will be a critical part of their degree seeking. Later, more specialized workshops attached to specific research assignments can help students apply those skills in a practical way.

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